Plan A Great Car-Themed Birthday For Your Husband

23 June 2018
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Does your husband have a new car? Is it a brand new vehicle or is it a previously owned one? Even if it is a preowned one, it is still probably his new baby. Maybe your husband purchased the car when he got his last bonus at work, or maybe he has been saving money for the specific purpose of purchasing a new car. Whatever the circumstances, now that his birthday is coming up, consider planning a great car-themed birthday for your sweetheart. From giving him a coupon for car detailing to giving him a basket full of car accessories, here are some ideas that might help you plan a special birthday for your husband.

Permanent Car Detailing - Do you think that your husband would be excited to receive a coupon for permanent car detailing as part of his birthday present? Perhaps he would like to add pin stripes to his car, or maybe even a monogram for the car, either a sophisticated, understated one or one with real pizzaz. Professional artists can design almost anything your husband wants to add to his new car, his imagination being the key. And, of course, the amount of money you can spend on his gift will play a part in the permanent car detailing that he selects.

A Gift Basket - Think of giving your husband a car-themed gift basket that contains items for cleaning his new baby. For example, the basket might include soft cleaning rags, a wash mitt, scratch removers, special car cleaners both for the inside of his new car and for the exterior, microfiber towels, specialty car wax. brushes to totally clean the tires and even car fragrances, the manlier the better. In other words, when you shop for things to put into the gift basket, consider things that will maintain a showroom look for your husband's new car. Buy the items individually, or purchase a pre-made gift basket that contains everything your husband will need to make his car look gorgeous. 

The Gift Of Service - Another idea for your husband's car-themed birthday gift is the gift of your very own service. For example, give him a coupon that promises you'll either wash the car for him yourself every week or that you'll have it done professionally. Of course, you might decide the gift will be for every-other-week or even monthly service. Don't forget to write on the calendar the days you're going to fulfill your promise.