Need A Car Wash?

22 December 2022
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North America is currently in the middle of its winter season, which means many states are experiencing sleet, hail, snow flurries, and even some extreme winter conditions. These winter-weather specials are exhilarating if you are into skiing or snowboarding, however, car owners tend to frown when they see a snowstorm on the weather forecast. Why, you may ask? Many winter snowstorms combine rain with snow, which can transform a spotless car into a dirty, icy mess. 

Many North Americans make an extensive effort to wash and clean their cars during the summer but during the freezing winter months, their cars are simply driven-not cared for. Caring for your car is important during the summer, but it is equally important during the winter. North American states that experience harsh winters can be subject to temperatures below zero, freezing rain and hail, enormous deposits of snow, and dangerous patches of black ice. One mild winter storm can cover a car in mysterious gray spots, which can be frustratingly impossible to remove. These gray spots typically come from mineral deposits or pollution gleaned from the air in the snow that has landed on your car. Once the snow melts, the mineral or pollution particles remain on the surface of the car, leaving behind a gray residue. If your local streets get plowed often, the plows likely leave behind large amounts of road salt to prevent ice from freezing if the temperature drops suddenly. This road salt can spray up and coat the sides of your car, leaving behind a granular residue that stubbornly stays on the exterior of your car for weeks. 

If the fierce winter weather is wearing your patience thin, consider giving a gift to yourself (and your car) this year by going to a spot-free car wash. Spot-free car washes are known for their dedication to shiny, clean, new-looking cars. When you go to a spot-free car wash, your car will be cleaned with a spot-free rinse system. A spot-free rinse system is one of the best ways to take on those nasty winter residues because your car will leave the car wash looking cleaner than ever, and you will not need to dry your car once the wash has been completed. After a typical car wash, car owners can spend fifteen to twenty minutes drying off their car so that it does not get spotty if the surface dries unevenly. A spot-free car wash will thoroughly wash your car so it is truly free of spots, but this type of car wash will also ensure that your car will dry spot free. After a trip to the spot-free car wash, your winter woes will be no more.  

Visit a local spot-free car wash company for more info.