3 Benefits Of Taking Your Vehicle Through A Touch-Free Car Wash

21 April 2023
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There are a lot of people that were taught it is best to wash your vehicle at home, using a bucket and a sponge. While you can certainly do just that, it is important to know that there are actually many good reasons for you to take your vehicle through a touch-free car wash. Sure, it costs a little money, but the benefits tend to prove to be worth it time and time again. Here are three of those benefits:

It Saves You A Lot Of Time 

You do not want to feel rushed when washing your car because you could miss some spots or even accidentally scratch the paint job. You also may not have a lot of free time to spare so you don't want this to be an hour-long task either. Saving time is just one good reason to take your vehicle to a touch-free car wash. You can be in and out of there in a matter of minutes if you are just going through the wash and don't stop to vacuum the inside of your vehicle after.

It Protects The Paint On Your Vehicle

You want to protect the paint or wax finish on your vehicle as much as you can. Scratched paint can be repaired by getting a new paint job, but that can cost a good chunk of money. It is easier and cheaper to simply take the vehicle through a touch-free car wash. There won't be any rough brushes or rags used on the vehicle. The high-powered force of the water jets is what will ensure that the dirt is removed.

You're Less Likely To End Up With Missing Parts

The touch-free car washes do not knock off mirrors and after-market parts like other car washes do. A lot of those car washes have signs up that state that they are not responsible for the replacement cost of anything that is damaged or lost, so it would be up to you to pay for it. It's better to simply take your vehicle through a brushless car wash and not have to deal with that in the first place.

Begin your search for local touch-free car wash locations. You might need to drive over to a larger town or city to find one, but it will be worth it when you see just how nice your vehicle can look once it is done with the wash. You can compare the prices of the different car washes, as well as the extra perks they give. For example, some car washes can have very powerful vacuums, as well as complimentary glass cleaner and rags for you to use after going through the wash. The more perks they offer, the more value you are getting for your money.