Need A Car Wash?

22 December 2022
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North America is currently in the middle of its winter season, which means many states are experiencing sleet, hail, snow flurries, and even some extreme winter conditions. These winter-weather specials are exhilarating if you are into skiing or snowboarding, however, car owners tend to frown when they see a snowstorm on the weather forecast. Why, you may ask? Many winter snowstorms combine rain with snow, which can transform a spotless car into a dirty, icy mess. Read More 

The Main Types Of Automatic Car Wash Equipment

24 August 2022
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An automatic car wash uses specialized equipment to clean a car without the need for manual labor. Every piece of equipment has a specific purpose and will work together with the other components to clean your car in a matter of minutes. Read on to learn more about the main types of equipment you can find at an automatic car wash. Exterior Soap Spray The first step in any automatic car wash is to apply soap to the surface of the vehicle. Read More