5 Reasons To Ceramic Coat Your Car Today

14 December 2021
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If the appearance of your car is a top priority, then consider a ceramic coating. This high luster coating provides protection above and beyond a regular paint job.

1. Round the Clock Protection

The body of your car is subjected to all sorts of damage, even when you aren't actively driving. Scratches from nearby branches blowing in the wind, shopping cart dings, and sandblasting on windy days can damage the finish of your car even when it is supposed to be safely parked. Ceramic coatings provide protection around the clock, even when you aren't behind the wheel.

2. Fewer Scratch Concerns

Minute scratches are the main cause of a dulling paint job on a car. These scratches come from minor door dings as well as from road dust, gravel, and pollutants that scrape across the car each time you drive. Ceramic coatings are much harder than standard automotive paint, so they prevent many of these small scratches from even occurring in the first place. 

3. Easier Ongoing Care

You want showroom quality looks from your vehicle, but you may not have the time to put in the regular washing and detailing needed to maintain a showroom look. Ceramic coatings, particularly when applied over a fresh paint job, provide a deep shine and gloss that persists for a long time between washings. You won't have to invest in special cleaners or waxes to maintain that shine, either.

4. Protects Your Investment

With good care, your car can hold more of its value and serve you better for many years. Body damage from rust and corrosion is a surefire way to lose value, though. Ceramic coatings protect against both the damage and the road contaminants, like pollution and salt, that destroy the body of a car. When it comes to the outside panels, ceramic coatings are one of the best ways to protect your investment.

5. Cost-Effective Alternative

Although a ceramic coating isn't as cheap as a single car wax job, it will save you money over time. A single wax application isn't too costly or time-consuming, but the money and time expenses do build up over time. This is especially true when you realize that you are waxing your car regularly. When viewed this way, one can see that the one-time expense of a ceramic coating will be much cheaper in the long run compared to frequent wax applications.

Contact a local shop to learn more about an auto ceramic coating application.